Spring is finally here! Let’s all celebrate outside dining!

How lovely to have some temperatures above freezing and see the daffodils blooming!! Outside dining is available at all stores! Our newest store at 2121 South State Street is going gangbusters and is open full time hours. We are also offering catering from that store (as well as the other three) if you’ve got office parties, family parties, or just want to have a great get together with friends. We typically like 24 hours’ notice with a $100 minimum for delivery, or you can call the store or order online for pick-ups orders. Our Lehi store is now offering the DOOR DASH service and it is really great! It is something we’ve long wanted to offer our customers and now we are finally able to.

Whatever store is “your” local Moochie’s, we make our catering really easy for you. You call one central number (801) 355-0917, and our friendly staff will help you take care of all the details. You can order right off the menu, or you can make it what we call a “Party Platter”, basically it comes with six 12-inch sandwiches cut in fourths (you get 24 pieces of sandwich), Two Quarts of Macaroni or Potato salad, 12 cookies, a bottle of Moochie’s own Jumpin’ Jalapeno sauce and a pepper tray for only $129.99 plus tax. It is such an easy way to feed a group of 12 to 24 people, and you can pick it up or have it delivered.

Now remember if you have a bottle of our Jalapeno Sauce, you can bring it back to the store and get a refill for half price, so don’t throw those empties away! Alternatively, you can order online through our Chow Now app (download for free from our website or FB). Chow Now even lets you start an order and e-mail it around to your co-workers in the office, everyone chooses their own food and pays for it themselves, or one person pays at the end, whatever works for your group. It’s pretty slick.

And of course, you can always come visit us in person, meet a friend for lunch and sit outside on the patio and enjoy the sunshine and daffodils! Happy Spring!

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